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9 ML Straight Edge (No Lip) Glass Jars C/W Black Lid

9 ml straight edge (no lip) glass jars c/w black lid

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These jars are perfect for your rosin! You do not want to long term store  your rosin in silicone containers. Eventually the rosin will take on a rubber taste. Rosin has an abundance of natural solvents and over time I have found the rosin takes on a rubber taste to it, especially if left in a warm environment for any extended period of time in a silicone container! Even the 'platinum grade silicone" will leech into your rosin.

Glass really is the ONLY way to store extracts long term. Rosin can keep for years (literally) if stored in an inert container like glass and kept cool and out of the sunlight.

Rosin storage (long term) is just as important as the rosin press itself. Preserving the quality of your rosin press, is one of the most important and nice things you can do for your rosin.
These jars hold up to 5--9 g depending on consistency. ( 1 ml = 1 FLUID gram approximately) of rosin and are great for single gram storage as well! They are wide mouth straight edge jars, meaning they do not have a lip in the jar. so you can get every single drop of rosin out of your container!

9 ml = approximately 9 FLUID grams. C/W Black Lids. These are NOT child proof lids!