CannaPlates PrePress

CannaPlates PrePress

2"x 4" PrePress Perfect for our Centerline™ rosin bags!

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CannaPlates Pre-Press Mold, designed for the avid rosin presser! Our Pre-Press Molds are perfect for condensing loose cannabis flowers/buds into a uniform shape that will perfectly fit inside our CannaPlates CenterLine rosin bags!

Our 2" x 4" Pre-Press is capable of holding up to 28 grams of material, providing a full 1 oz press. We recommend a minimum of 7 grams for optimal use. Our Pre-Press and rosin bags can be combined with any order, saving you money on shipping costs.

With internal dimensions of 1.62" wide x 3.5" long x 2" tall and external dimensions of 2" wide x 4" long x 2.5" tall, our Pre-Press Mold is the perfect size for your rosin-making needs.
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