CannaPlates CenterLine 2" X 4.5" 90u Flower Rosin Bags - Perfect fit for our PrePress

CannaPlates Centerline bags come in 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 bag lot sizes!

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Most bags have a seam down the side of the bag. This just does not make sense. Why would you put a seam, where the rosin has to fight its way through the seam?

Here at CannaPlates we have solved that problem, by putting the seam, where it should of been all along. On TOP of the bag. When pressing, the seam is under the middle of the plates, instead of at the edge of the plates.

We make our 90u rosin bags to fit our 2" X 4" prepress perfectly. These bags are tough. I have tested these bags thoroughly. There is minimal rosin loss to the bags, as the only seam  that rosin has to move through is at the end of the bag. Rosin flows freely out the side of the bags because there is NO side seam to impede the rosin.

They are long enough as well, so you can fold the end of the bag over, without having to fight with it. Our bags are made from heat resistant and food grade 90u micron nylon mesh with heat resistant food grade nylon thread. These bags are great for flowers and in the summer, garden herbs!

Combine with our very affordable rosin prepress and some anodized plates for the perfect press and save on shipping!

Our PrePress can be found HERE!

Our 25u KIEF bags can be found HERE!


CannaPlates Review: Well after using these bags for a couple of months I can say without a doubt that these are some good, tough bags. Blowouts are rare. The bags are ready to use when you get them!