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Anodized 5" X 3" CannaPlates Rosin Kit

Black, Green, Red or Blue Anodized Plates.

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- We do have non anodized 5" x 3" kits in stock HERE

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CannaPlates are digitally controlled and heated 6061 T6 aluminum plates. The plates you are looking at are anodized.  Anodizing provides a hard as steel surface and has a food grade finish. This makes your plates very resistant to scratches and dents! 
These plates are safe to use with up to 20 tons of pressure (40,000 lbs), with a ram diameter up to 2 inches. CannaPlates will help you take control of your essential cannabis extractions with low temperatures and high pressure. CannaPlates will reach your desired temperature in under 10 minutes, with ZERO hotspots. Get rid of your significant other's hair straightener or curling iron and experience what true rosin pressing can do for you.
The plates are manufactured here in Alberta and the controller box is assembled in Alberta as well.
We do not sell shop presses with this kit. We do not sell shop presses of any kind. 
We only ship in Canada.


What you get:
  • 2 - Canadian made, CNC machined, solid 6061 T6 aluminum  ANODIZED 5" X 3" platens.  The process of anodizing  provides a sealed, high performance finish for aluminum and aluminum alloys. It protects the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum. It is highly resistant to heat, the finish is chemically stable, and the fact that it will not decompose makes it exceptionally durable. This process provides permanent durability, outstanding wear and significant hardness. Anodizing will not chip or peel and has an extremely long life span. Our metal is bought, machined and anodized in Alberta.
  • 1 - Inkbird digital controller, wired to two powerful 500 watt cartridge heaters (we do not use cheap enail coils), one cartridge heater per plate, sharing  a single heat zone. What's the difference between a single controller and dual controller? With a single controller,  both plates are heated with two 500W cartridge heaters. They share a single heat zone. I have tested and used both, dual and single controllers and the difference between the dual vs single controller setups is... nothing. The yield and quality does NOT increase with dual controllers.
  • Accurate temperature monitoring. Our heat sensor is separate from our cartridge heaters and screws directly into the plates for a solid and accurate reading. 
  • 1 - Digital timer to time your rosin presses.
  • 1 - Hex key.
  • 4 - hex screws, to secure heaters and to mount your plates to your press of choice.
  • A user manual and tips and tricks for rosin pressing.
  • A rosin guide with suggested temperatures/pressures and times. This can vary considerably with different strains, moisture content and quality of material.
  • A plate setup guide. This will tell you all you need to know to set your new plates up correctly.
  • A care and maintenance guide for your plates.
  • A celsius to fahrenheit conversion chart as the controller is set to celsius only.  You can print it here or you can cut this out of the user manual and tape to your press for ease of use!
  • One Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty on your electronics and heaters.
  • After the full one year warranty expires, we will do repairs/replacements for you at the cost of parts and shipping. We will never charge for labour! This secondary warranty applies for the life of the kit.
  • Dinos, candy, stickers and business cards to give out to your friends!​