CannaCaged Combination Kit

CannaCaged Combination Kit

The CannaCaged system is the next evolution of our 5" x 3" CannaPlates. This comes with everything you need to rosin press properly! Great Value!

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SOLD OUT!! As we learn the demand for this new product, we can better anticipate what we need to order. Our next batch of cages are due back from our anodizers (who are in Calgary) in about 2 weeks or sooner from this date (Friday Jan 10, 2020) We apologize for the wait. We do not take preorders.

The CannaCaged system is the next evolution of our 5" x 3" CannaPlates. We make everything here in Canada, from buying Canadian made 6061 T6 aluminum, to machining, anodizing and assembly is all done locally and in house! 

    CannaCaged ride on precision machined solid steel posts and high quality tension springs, that ensure a smooth and accurate operation of the cage assembly and the plates are always aligned. Cages allow for better control of heat management to the ram, which can be important for those all day pressing sessions!
      Our Cages are universally compatible with most shop presses up to and including 20 ton presses. There is no real need to get anything over a 10 ton press, so save some money and get a 10 ton shop press.
        The CannaCaged is compatible with current CannaPlates controllers and heaters, but is not compatible with the OG plates.

          What you get:
          • 1 set of CannaCaged c/w all hardware and fully assembled and ready to use. ( You pick colour of pressing plate. ALL Cages are BLACK. You can pick either red or black pressing plates. SEE IMAGES!
          • Controller of your choice, single or dual control c/w 500 watt heaters and a 2 year warranty!
          • 1 PrePress
          • 25 - 90u rosin flower bags
          • 1 jar to store your rosin.
          • 1 GR2 Titanium dab pencil
          • 1 CannaPlates Dab Mat.
          • 2 year warranty on the electronics
          • Lifetime warranty of the cage, plates and all hardware, springs etc.
          • Business cards and stickers.
          • Candy and dinos as usual!
          • Lifetime Customer Support... real support.We will help you with everything from helping you decide what shop press to get, right on down to how to fold your parchment paper to get the best use out of it.
          • All mine and everyone else's rosin knowledge in CannaPlates SquishTown Discord Chat. Its a sharing community and with well over 100 plate users, its a rosin pressing knowledge heaven!
          We also will sell just the CannaCaged itself without a controller or heaters.