CannaPlates 2" x 9" Rosin Bags - 90u and 25u

Canadian made 90u Rosin bags, for flower! Made for the XL cages!

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These bags are NOT CenterLine seam bags.

We will be getting some of the CenterLine seam bags the next time we order from our new supplier.

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One day we were sitting down and looking at the side seam bags we were using at the time and thinking.. the side seam catches so much rosin and it is constantly blowing out on the seam because all the pressure from the material is being forced sideways against the seam. We thought there has to be a better way to do this! That wasn't a question. It was a statement.
In 2016 CannaPlates CenterLine Seam™ rosin bags were born! These bags have the seam down the top center of the bag and held together with a folded bottom seam. The center seam stitching is held together by the pressure and also pressed clean of rosin! Since there is no seam down the sides of the bags, you get clear and unimpeded flow for your rosin out the sides of the bags!
CannaPlates CenterLine Seam™ rosin bags eliminate side-seam blowouts and because the top seam is under the plates and under pressure, blowouts in general are practically non existent with proper techniques! 

Why are these bags more expensive than the 90u and the 2 x4.5 25u rosin bags?!?

More than double the amount of thread AND fabric is used to manufacture the 2" x 9" CannaPlates CenterLine Seam™ 25u rosin bag. We are doing everything we can to keep the price down.