CannaPlates Ding & Dent PrePress

CannaPlates Ding & Dent PrePress

2"x 4" Ding & Dent PrePress Perfect for our Centerline™ rosin bags!

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These prepresses were damaged in shipping. The dings and dents in no way affect the performance of the prepress and are purely cosmetic. Get great savings with no loss of performance! I have provided pictures of an average sample of damages. The 'DISPLAY" pictures show what the entirety of the prepress looks like and the pictures that are darker have a sampling of damages.


Rosin pre-press molds condense loose material into a uniform shape that will fit perfectly inside our bags. CannaPlates CenterLine™ rosin bags can be found here

You can comfortably fit 28 grams into this little beauty, for a full 1 oz press! A minimum of 7 grams is recommended.

Combine this pre-press and rosin bags with your CannaPlates Rosin Kit and save on shipping!

2" x 4" Pre Press Specifications:

- Internal Dimensions: 1.62" wide x 3.5" long x 2" tall
- External Dimensions: 2" wide x 4" long x 2.5" tall

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