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CannaPlates How To: "Fold a Directional Flow Parchment"

Updated May 6, 2022

Directional folds are quite specific to the material being pressed. These kinds of folds are best reserved for bubble hash type presses. It is not advised to use a directional fold when doing flower presses. When flower pressing, there is not enough rosin coming out to make this worthwhile. The rosin has to travel around the plates to come out the front.

Bubble hash pressing on the other hand can use these kinds of folds to great effect. Bubble hash is for all intents just a bunch of little fluid containers and when pressed, the release of this fluid (rosin) is much, much greater.

TL:DR - Don't use directional type folds for flower pressing. These types of folds are best left for sift/bubble hash pressing.

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