Collection: CannaCaged and OG CannaPlates

Here you will find CannaCaged, CannaCaged XL and our OG CannaPlates
Check back often for new products as we grow!

A lot of the other rosin plate companies only offer to sell you the plates or cages and the controller(s) and heaters and that is it. That is all you get.

Here at CannaPlates we offer so much more! We do not believe in selling an incomplete rosin plate kit or cage kit.

We will also include in your purchase the following: 

  • 1 CannaPlates 4" x 2" Pre Press!
  • 25 - 90u CannaPlates CenterLineâ„¢ Rosin Flower Bags!
  • 2 - CannaPlates Dab Mats. Use 1 under the cage!
  • 1 - 6" Stainless Steel CannaPlates Dab Tool!
  • 1 - Glass jar to store your rosin in!
  • 2 year warranty on the electronics!
  • Lifetime warranty on the cage and all hardware! (springs etc,) 
  • Business cards and stickers!
  • Candy and dinos as usual!
  • Lifetime Customer Support! Genuine support. We will help you with everything from helping you decide what shop press to get, right on down to how to fold your parchment paper to get the best use out of it.
  • All mine and everyone else's rosin knowledge in CannaPlates SquishTown Discord Chat. Its a sharing community and with over 300 CannaPlates owners/users, its a rosin pressing knowledge heaven
  • A "1st rosin press phone call" to make sure  you have a great 1st experience with your new rosin press!

You get so much more value, at the same price or less then the other plate makers!

CannaCaged XL at this time does not come with the above extra items. Warranties and customer service are always applied to all purchases!