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Anodized Plates

The process of anodizing provides a sealed, high performance finish to our 6061 T6 Aluminium, without losing its thermal properties. It protects the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum, chemically stable and offers permanent durability.

Anodizing will not chip or peel and has an extremely long life span.

To learn about anodizing here is some good info (Click me)

Universal Compatibility

CannaPlates kits will fit any Shop Press with up to a 2" diameter ram so you are free to choose any H-Frame shop press you prefer.

Our metal is bought, machined and anodized in Alberta.

We do not sell shop presses! But we will help you figure it out!

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Consistent Results In Every Press

Our plate kits will give you consistent results every time. CannaPlates kits come with everything you need to press beautiful solvent free extracts!

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Testimonials Part 2

James, I have gotten a quality of life back I didn't think I'd opiates and almost no antipsychotic meds anymore, since I have become able to press my own very good quality rosin. That's huge man, it's all I use. It's all that works for me to be very're just not selling plates, James. You gave me a quality of life again, to use with my family.

It's been a long hard 4 years of debilitating pain until I found you and CannaPlates. 

These past few months especially, I've almost been pain free!!! Miracles do happen, thank you so much James!

December, 2017

Note: Jason is a vet and will have been using CannaPlates to get his solvent free extracts a year in March, 2018.

Jason, Edmonton

As a medical patient I found flowers where not giving me the relief I needed. After consuming BHO extracts for a while, I wasn’t getting the full relief I was used too. I was also concerned about residual solvents and other contaminants in BHO as well. After buying CannaPlates and medicating with rosin, I feel I’m getting the full spectrum effects and relief I need. James has shared his wealth of knowledge about how to press and it has been essential in me making good rosin.

The relief I get from rosin is making my quality of life much better. CannaPlates delivers not only a quality set of plates, but also a level of customer service and knowledge that you don’t get anywhere anymore.

Thanks James for making this the best cannabis related purchase I’ve ever had. You care and it shows.

January, 2018

Kyle, Saskatchewan

After researching multiple rosin presses, my friend and I found James at CannaPlates. I immediately phoned him up and was given the best, too good to be true service you could ask for.

James said if we picked them up in person, we could squeeze a batch and learn face to face with him on how to use the product to its full potential. So we took him up on his offer and drove out. Well, well worth the trip.

After getting home and set up, we had more questions of course, so I phoned up James and we had him on speaker phone for our first couple of presses. Everything went beyond smooth. Plates worked absolutely amazing!

Nothing but good to say about James and his CannaPlates!

February, 2018

Steve and Wes, Alberta

I was interested in rosin to make the transition from solvent based concentrates. CannaPlates helped me understand the process and eased any anxiety I felt before I even made a purchase.

With great Customer Service and full support, you can be confident in purchasing a set of CannaPlates. I've been a return customer for supplies and I will be back to upgrade to the new caged plate option!

I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase CannaPlates and start pressing!

March, 2018

Trevor, Ontario

Testimonials Part 1

Dear James.. You especially, alongside all the special individuals on FlavourTown, have changed my life entirely!

As a small thank you for your welcoming kindness and advise, here is a little gift for your continuing hard work. (He sent me a gift, my 1st one!!)

Your plates and customer service is - bar none - the best ever! I packed some candy from Japan as well as the other gift.

Once again, Thank You!

October, 2017

Joe, Brampton

After months observing new CannaPlates customers setup their new plates under the careful guidance of CannaPlates company owner James, I had to take the plunge.

Whether it’s setting up a newly purchased shop press (from other vendors), or precise instruction on strain-dependant nuances when pressing, James was there and always available for clear concise directions or even just a friendly chat.

His wealth of knowledge and amazing customer service really add to the value when purchasing this set. I’ve had my plates for about 2 months now and am overwhelmed by the quality and flavor of the extracts I can now make safely AND solvent free, in my own home.

July, 2017

Jamie, Nova Scotia

Decided to make the purchase of platens from CannaPlates and glad I did so!  From assembly to the first press, everything was simplified to a complete package, sans the press.

Yielded results of 20%+ with quality flowers. Satisfied with the quality, instructions, and the goodies!

July, 2017

Adrian, Mississauga

It's a simple product that works great. I've put a couple pounds through it, and it's the one part of the process I never worry about.

There's not much else to say about the product in particular, but the fact that you're the man behind it James/CannaPlates, [this adds a lot of value to the whole system], in how available you are to your customers.

July, 2107

Nathan, Ottawa

CannaPlates was very helpful and friendly on the phone, we talked about a bunch of stuff and he was kind to answer all my questions no matter how basic they seemed.

He helped with setting up my press and plates properly, made sure everything was working well and we made a press on the phone together, which went really well.

He also gave me a bunch of guides and help with settings and how to press the Rosin to achieve the same wonderful results he was getting! I definitely recommend buying from him, you will learn a lot and who knows, you might make a new friend too!

July, 2017

Red, Montreal

"For the past two years I used a hair straightener and hand clamp, I was making rosin but it wasnt the results I desired. When I mentioned I wanted a set of plates, CannaPlates helped me from start to finish.

From techniques to get a better end product. to setting up the plates themselves. Everything about this transaction was a breeze. James truly went the extra mile."

June, 2017

Justin, Edmonton, Vape Coil Craftsman

I can’t speak highly enough of my set of custom-engraved CannaPlates, nor the amazing advice and service I received when setting them up and using them. The quality and craftsmanship are unbelievable, and the products I am creating are beyond anything I ever imagined.

Thank you so much CannaPlates for creating such high-quality solvent-less extraction that is both affordable and easy to use.

March, 2017

David (Goobafish - FlavourTown Chat Moderator)

"I didn't know too much about Rosin when I decided I had to try it, only that I would probably be doing my health a favour over smoking solvent extracts like BHO.

Only two months later and with my CannaPlates heated plates and shop press, I'm enjoying a purity of extract that I could have only dreamed of earlier. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in too, then I highly recommend you take a look at the heated rosin plates from CannaPlates.

P.S.  It's really quite fun, I'm starting to feel a bit like a mad scientist! :)

February, 2017

Andrew, Ontario, Webmaster

I've learned a shitload from you guys... and I'm actually very grateful... my wife goes to me the other day, "Are you upset you didn't end up 50/50 partners with this guy from the web?", (meaning co-owning a 5"X 3" Cannaplates Rosin Kit with Goobafish, a mod from Reddit Canada 420).

I said 'Fuck no man, because we'd be fighting over these plates 24/7. They're too good not to own your own".

(Now both Rolex and Goobafish each own their own 5"x 3" Cannaplates Kit.)

January, 2017

Rolex, Admin of FlavourTown