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CannaPlates How To: "Setup Your New Plates"

updated March 3, 2019

Setting Up Your CannaPlates For The First Time:

  • When you get your plates they will be wrapped for their protection. Unwrap carefully. The sides of the plates you want to protect are the pressing surfaces. These very flat surfaces are your boon. Treat them with respect.
  • The top plate should have the name 'CannaPlates' facing you.
  • The top plate will have the ram hole on top. 
  • Be sure the bottom plate is the right side up, it has instructions taped to the bottom plate. Please read this! Remove all paper and tape from the bottom plate before using! The set screw holes for the cartridge heaters on each plate must be facing away from you.
  • BOTH cartridge heaters should be coming out the left side of both plates.
  • When tightening the K type thermocouple, DO NOT over only has to be snug..just a bit more than a finger can tighten it.
  • The thermocouple should be coming out of the left side as well.
  • Once you have done this, if you wish, you may turn the plates end for end, to suit your needs. Just be sure to leave the plates oriented correctly and have all wires coming out on one side only. We would of course, prefer you leave our CannaPlates name facing you, but plate position, after proper plate orientation, is entirely up to you!
  • If at all in doubt, you may call me at 403-866-8556 - 7 days a week 10 am to about 8 pm MST.
  • When tightening the set screws for both the cartridge heaters and the ram, be "firm, but fair" in how hard you tighten them. The heaters are stainless steel and can be firmly tightened without hurting them.
  • Be sure when lowering the ram to not hit any of the set screws or the edge of the top plate hole. Pay attention! Keep the ram centered to the hole ALL the time. Make this a habit. Do. It. Everytime. You will thank me.
  • Once the ram is lowered, apply 1/2-1 ton of pressure before you tighten the set screws. This will ensure a flat and tight fit.
  • Raise the ram and the top plate will rise with the ram.
  • Rosin pressing time!
  • It is a good idea to invest in a good pair of oven gloves or mitts. They do come in handy at times.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Do not forget to turn off your control unit when you are done. Release the ram from the top plate and just rest it on the bottom plate in between uses. Wait for the ram to cool before retracting all the way into the cylinder. 
  • YOU MAY LEAVE THE UNIT ON ALL DAY FOR COMMERCIAL PRESSING. ** If you are going to be 5 minutes between presses, just be sure to detach the ram from the plates in between presses** and LEAVE THE TOP PLATE RESTING ON THE BOTTOM PLATE. You may leave the ram in the top plate hole, just be sure its not touching the plate. This will speed up the reconnect time as you do not have to lower the ram all the way again.
  • This will ensure that your plates will be at the right temperature when you need them.This will greatly improve the lifespan of your press. 
  • Follow all high pressure ram guidelines. Prolonged high heat is NOT a high pressure rams friend! While the gasket is heat resistant and 99% of the time the amount of heat the plates produce will not affect the ram seals, but why stress it out? Detach plates when not in use.
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