CannaPlates How to: Pre-Press and Rosin Press - Basics - CannaPlates

CannaPlates How to: Pre-Press and Rosin Press - Basics

updated March 3, 2019

Here is a short video on how to pack and use your CannaPlates pre-press and a basic rosin press. When rosin pressing, it fast becomes apparent to the new CannaPlates owners, that rosin pressing is a very visual act. You need to watch the rosin and react to how its coming out, its consistency and even more important, is it even coming out anymore?

Just because it is bubbling at the edges of the plates, that does not mean it is still coming out. It could just be bubbling at the edges and not much, if anything is still coming out. You need to mitigate the time of the rosin press, with the way it looks. Do not walk away from a rosin press, it needs your attention. Check to see if its still coming out or is it just bubbling at the edges of the plates?

All times and temperatures are to be used as a guide only. You are the one doing the press, so it is you that makes the decisions. Take the times and temperatures suggested in the video and do some experimenting. Don't get stuck on one temperature and time. Explore! As the temperature drops, the time increases and as the temperature increases, the time on the plates drops.
The pressure will always remain the same with variations for different kinds of pressing (bubble hash, flower, thca separation, etc)

As usual, my customers are most welcome to call me or give me a text if they have questions. If you don't own a set of me anyway. Let's talk rosin and see what a set of CannaPlates can do for you!

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