About Us

 updated February 10, 2023

CannaPlates was founded in November 2016 in Medicine Hat, Alberta in a one bedroom condo and on February 3, 2017 CannaPlates was officially registered with revenue Canada and I got my 1st ever business license!

I was tired of seeing all the cheap rosin plates out there, that just did not do what the seller said they would do and the customer service was some of the worst I have ever experienced. I had enough!  I thought to myself... "James you can do so much better than what is out there." So I made my 1st round of 5 sets of plates and I have not looked back even once! 

CannaPlates was born not only out of my insanely intense desire to show these other so-called "companies" how it should be done, but also to share my passion for solventless rosin pressing with Canada and the world!

CannaPlates only goal has been to offer affordable and safe solutions for home based rosin extractions and exceptional customer service. We have met both goals and we have only gotten more passionate about what we do!  We care about our customers and it shows in the feedback we get from our customers!

When you call you will talk to the owner and we take the time to talk to our customers like a real person would talk to a friend. It's important that each one of you gets the best possible experience, from the very 1st talk we have, to your 1st rosin press and beyond!

This may seem to some like I wear my heart on my sleeve.. well I do and I do not care who knows it. My customers matter to me and they ARE important, for without them. I would not be here today to talk to you about this.
Thank you!

CannaPlates are digitally controlled heated 6061 T6 aluminum plates. Anodized 5" X 3" plates are perfect for the beginner and the commercial presser! These plates are made to withstand up to 20 tons (40,000 lbs) pressure, with a ram diameter up to 2 inches. 

Our plates will reach your desired temperature in under 10 minutes, with ZERO hotspots. Get rid of your significant other's flat curling iron or hair straightener and experience what true rosin pressing and true customer service can do for you!

We do not sell shop presses of any kind.