We have asked people to start giving us reviews on our product pages and on Google!

Here you will find some words of kindness. These customers have been good enough to email me these testimonials. The newest ones are at the top and are in chronological order from the top to the bottom! There has been no editing of these words. I am truly humbled.

If you would like to see your testimonial here, please contact me! Thanks! James


I purchased the original CannaPlates kit and could not be happier with it. I save myself a shit ton of money on making my own concentrates solventless, best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Always picked up the phone when I’ve called. Shipping was fast and he was able to walk me through the process of purchasing online.. very customer service oriented.

May. 2022
Justin, Ontario


Incredible products and superior customer service in comparison to anything I've ever received for any product in my life. The prices are reasonable, the product is made of quality materials and the company is reliable.

From the moment I purchased my first set of plates to my first successful use of them, I had a customer service agent on the line. The owner. James takes pride in his product and walked me through every step of the setup, use, and cleaning, and pre-cleaning of the product. I could not have been happier.

I didn't even want to take him up on the free on-phone setup because I couldn't imagine that it would be anymore helpful than instructions. I was very wrong. What could be encapsulated in that initial call would have taken me hours to read, interpret, and understand if I had read it from a manual. Not to mention, what I was taught took me light years ahead of where I would have been if not for allowing myself to be walked through a process.

All of the products unless otherwise stated have a lifetime warranty and Cannaplates takes that claim very seriously. All of the products are made from exact and precise machined materials and everything has a perfect fit.

I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the original plates and a caged plate version that came later. The products continue to evolve and it is awesome to see! I even got laser engraving on one of them! Totally neat and makes it feel unique to me and not branded by a major corporation. If I have ever had a question about plates or the controller, there has never been an hour of the day where I haven't received a response with a solution within a few hours.

CannaPlates also has a discord community and website that has tons of help articles so I've been able to teach myself just by the material that has been created already.

If there is one product that I could definitely give a 5/5 it would be the CannaPlates plates, and if there is one company that I can say takes customer service to the luxury level, its CannaPlates as well. I would definitely recommend buying your press plates, pre-presses, and minor pressing accessories here.

May, 2022
Michael, Alberta

(This testimonial below was copied and pasted here from Instagram with the owners permission)

So we pulled 23 g out of the 50 g pile and pressed it using our Cannaplates . It returned 16 g of wonderful fresh frozen hash rosin. Pressed at 77 C for 150 - 180 seconds. I am attempting to make solvent-less diamonds and sauce with 13 g of the rosin. Its looking like its going very well after just 14.5 hrs!

Just want to take a second to thank James, the owner/operator of Cannaplates. Guy is a true gem to the industry. He delivers a top notch product and stands behind it. Furthermore he follows up with you and is available almost any time. Sounds awesome right? Well he took it another step further and started an awesome discord server full of knowledge and awesome folks! The guy just keeps on giving. Buying these plates was one of the better decisions I made in 2020. Been nothing but joy and learning experiences with them! Thanks again James!

June, 2021
Tyler, Alberta


I have taken the time to read a considerable amount of the testimonials CannaPlates has received. I would like to tell you it is all true, absolutely no B.S. CannaPlates products and customer service are 100%. In the end you will have a pure concentrate with no poison. Precision excellence, amazing customer service....very rare indeed.

Well done JAMES stand up and take a bow (and a puff).Thank you so very much,,,,,truly. This is from a new squishologist, learning squishology somewhere in a forest in northern B.C. Stay safe, stay home, stay stoned.....Peace Out.
December, 2020
Paul, Somewhere in a Forest In Northern BC

After purchasing a small Chinese rosin press that broke almost immediately, I knew there had to be a better option. Most units I could find had to be ordered from the states with huge price tags and unknown border fees. After one call to CannaPlates I knew my search was over.

James took the time to explain everything about the plates and all of the options that he sells with absolutely zero sales pressure. In my opinion I couldn’t have made a better purchase.
The CannaPlates products are everything that James claims they are. The center seam bags are a pleasure to work with compared to other options in the market. The cages and plates are extremely well built using Canadian aluminum and the machining in the pre press is second to none.

There is no better feeling than squishing the buds you have grown yourself and getting a top quality product that you know is a clean and safe product. I have pressed many pounds with my plates so far and have never had any issues. In fact they still look like the day I got them. These will most definitely be the last set of plates you will ever need to buy.
October, 2020
Isaac, Ont.
This is my honest and unbiased review. This review is going to be relatively short, however, before we get into the product review, I want to highlight an aspect that is lacking in far too many retail or service industry and why I would recommend CannaPlates above any other manufacturer or distributor. I think it is obvious that I’m talking about the customer service, which was phenomenal. I did not know a lot about Rosin and Rosin presses, all I knew was what I had watched on YouTube.

What does an inquisitive mind do? Well, it asks questions via the nifty "Contact Us" form on his website. Normally, anywhere else I would get a couple sentences in response to my question, probably by someone who has no experience apart from what they have read in the owner’s manual. That is not what I got with James at CannaPlates, No Sir.. because James is a conscientious gentleman that cares about his customers and his product. Instead of a quick two sentence reply, I get a phone call. Not only do I get all my questions answered, he tells me why my original plan is bad, what he recommends instead, and why he recommends this method. He does not try to up-sell me! Everything he recommended did not benefit his bottom line at all. James was upfront about the things that I DIDN’T need, components he sold, and I was prepared to buy.

I HONESTLY, CAN NOT REMEMBER the last time I had this pleasant of an experience dealing with a manufacturer/ Retailer. If you have made it this far in my “relatively short” review, then let me save you some time. If you are looking for a DIY Rosin press, don’t bother looking anywhere else, this is the best you will find both in product and service. I would gladly deal with and order from CannaPlates again!

This is what I purchased https://www.cannaplates.ca/collections/cannapates-kits/products/cannacaged-plates. It comes with everything you need minus the 10 ton press of course. What I got in the mail was exactly what is advertised on his site. The build quality is excellent (plates made in Canada I believe.[Yes they are!]) I checked to make sure everything was tight, everything was. I made sure everything was aligned, everything was. The controller works without any problems, straightforward to use, no weird button combinations to make it work. I have already pressed 4 OZ of bubble hash with fantastic results.

I really have nothing negative to say about the products James at CannaPlates has to sell. If I had to nitpick, I wish the controller had a way to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit (It might, but I don’t know the right button combination yet. Does it matter, no not really). Small chip in the corner of the lid of the pre-press (does it matter, no, not at all). The lid on the glass jar has a child proof lid, when I get high, I revert to being a child which means I can no longer open the Jar, probably a good thing. That’s it guys. I am convinced you will not find anything better at this price anywhere else with this level of service.

Oh, James also makes it clear that if you need any assistance setting your rig, he will gladly help you over the phone. While I did not use this service, I am convinced with my previous experience, that he would do so with a level of professionalism that is seldom experienced.
July, 2020
Joel, Yukon

After discovering rosin a few years back I knew I had to have my own press. Smoking flower was getting a little old for me mainly because of the amount I was consuming. Rosin has given me the ability to handle my usage in a way that is much more manageable. Also, it has been very educational working with this plant and its various strains in this manner. Fascinating! James was the only guy in Canada making these rosin pressing kits when I set out to build my own press. I contacted him for some information and was surprised by the hands on customer care that I received.

After a short conversation with James my mind was made up, I was buying his kit. I have not been disappointed, the plates rock! And what an awesome color the red turned out to be. Since then CannaPlates (James) has graciously helped me out with my customer service needs and I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future! Just a great, quality product made in Canada. Thanks James!
March, 2020
Brandon, Northwest Territories
6/5, 11/10, A++. Wow. Ingenious, extremely high quality, efficient and effective products. Customer service is literally second to none, can easily have a chat with the company owner, James, and he is a very friendly and helpful guy, to me that says a lot about the company you're dealing with. The entire line of products at CannaPlates is extremely well thought out, very high quality and meticulously well designed.

The way everything works so perfectly together from the pre-press to the press bags to the plates themselves, you can tell some serious thought went into this.
The centerline stitching on the bags is genius. The dab mats are thick, durable and can can stand up to some good heat. Even the dab pencils work better than anything else I've tried for collecting the rosin off the parchment paper.

The plates themselves you can feel the quality of from the second you pick them up, they work absolutely amazing too and I have used them to press the nicest, tastiest and cleanest concentrates I have ever had.
When a company is willing to double their warranty on products they have already sold and shipped, that speaks volumes about how much they believe in the quality of their product, and I can see why they do. Very happy with my plates kit, pre-press, press bags, ect, and will be a customer of CannaPlates for years to come.
January, 2020
Justin, Ont
CannaPlates for the win!

One year ago I purchased my CannaPlates kit and it is my most rewarding investment in years! Not only is the physical quality of the plates incredible, the customer service is beyond amazing! Even before I purchased my plate set while shopping around, I emailed James with questions and he asked me to call him and we had a great conversation. He was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and applied no sales pressure at all. I was very impressed!

Once I received my plate set, James walked me through setup and even talked me through my first press! I was a true rookie and now feel like a veteran presser! I still call James with questions and always get off the phone with a big smile on my face. The fresh Rosin that flows from the CannaPlates is by far my favourite way to enjoy cannabis! It’s smooth (my lungs feel better than ever), solvent free, incredible quality and has amazing flavour!

If you’re looking for the best plates around sourced from pretty much the best dude around, who is truly a great human, I encourage you to invest in some CannaPlates!
December, 2019
Kurtis, British Columbia - Jackalope Horticulture
I have had epilepsy since I was 13, and have suffered from many large “grand mal” seizures throughout my life. Having the proper strains of cannabis to help deal with the side effects of my medication is very important to me, and through pressing my material into rosin using my Cannaplates I have been able to get more out of my material both in yield and medical effect then I ever imagined possible without a full-scale lab.

When I purchased my set of Cannaplates I was still new to pressing rosin and had previously owned a T-shirt press style press only to find myself never using it. As soon as I made the switch to Cannaplates and got a proper setup I found myself pressing any quality cannabis I came across to really experience the flavor and the full medical effect of my material.

Cannaplates are extremely well priced for their high quality, being the best plates of their kind I have ever seen. They are perfect for home production and their consistency allows you to work quickly while seeing everything that happens to your material very clearly. One of the first things that drew me to Cannaplates even before I tried the plates was the price and quality of bags. In the past the cost of bags has been a discouragement to press material, but bags Cannaplates sells are extremely well priced, and feature centered seams to stop your oil flow from getting caught in the seams (an issue I’ve had in the past).

The customer service James has provided me over the phone has been better then any company I have ever dealt with in the past and Cannaplates have been much more then an investment in the plates themselves for me. The guidance and pressing James did over the phone with me has increased my yields as well as greatly reduced the time I spend over the press, and he is always available when I have more questions. I now find myself using my press at least 3 times a week, and I typically run about 8 oz of material in total at once.

When before this was a stressful way to get my medicine, ever since I have bought my Cannaplates it is a relaxing hobby. I enjoy seeing the different consistencies and results I can achieve and using James’s guidance I am getting better at every time I use my machine, and can never seem to stop testing out new ideas!
September, 2019
Erich. Quebec

This goes out to all people that can't control their pain. My name is Stan M, I am from Ontario. When I first moved here, I met a fellow named Jeff. Jeff introduced me to CannaPlates, knowing that my pain was out of control. At that time I was using marijuana in a Volcano vaporizer to ease that pain.

July, 2011, I was in a highway collision on the 401. in this accident I was hit from behind and because I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, I was ejected out my open sunroof. I landed on the highway, suffering from a catastrophic brain injury and two collapsed lungs. I died on the hospital table more than once and after being in a coma for three months, I awoke with excruciating pain. The hospital had me on fentanyl, lucky my wife noticed what they were giving me and insisted I was taken off of it. It was after that I spoke with my family doctor and was prescribed medical marijuana. It was at this time I was heavily medicating to ease my pain.

When I first started talking with James, he informed me about the CannaPlates system and how the rosin might be able to better take care of my pain, as the rosin was a concentrate with a full spectrum of terpenes. We also spoke about the opioids I was using to kill the pain, he explained to me that I could reduce my opioid use. Since I have started to use the CannaPlates system, I have reduced my opioid use and before long I will be opioid free. Now it only takes me 5 mins to dull the pain for 2 hours or more.

James's CannaPlates system has changed my life from constant pain, to me now reducing my opioid dependency. I owe everything to James, when I first received my CannaPlates, James insisted I phone him directly to go through my first press with me. the customer service is second to none. Anytime I have trouble, I can phone James directly and he will answer the phone and walk you through any problems. On top of it all his press plates produce a solvent free concentrate, a much healthier way to consume.

I stand behind James's system 100% and anyone thinking of using the CannaPlates system will be very happy with their choice. Not only does it produce rosin to take care of my pain, you will notice that each plant has a different taste and they are all spectacular. I only have James and Jeff to thank for my pain relief and opioid reduction and comfort level. I would recommend to anyone with pain they can't control.. James' system works...
August, 2019
Stan M. Ontario
Seriously, if you are looking for a rosin press setup that will produce the maximum yield, then don't waste your time looking further. The price for the Cannaplates kit and the Canadian Tire press will cost less than $1000.00 and will outperform presses costing thousands more. James also supplies extremely helpful tips in setting up the press itself, as the instructions from the manufacturer of the shop press were lacking.

If after sales service is important to you then again, look no further. I have never deal with a company that takes after sales service with such passion. James called me when I told him I received the kit and had the press setup, but I still had some questions, He spent over an hour on the phone with me and we went through a complete press cycle. His patience and concern for safe operation was amazing.

Never have I experienced this type of service. James' knowledge of rosin and pressing is unmatched. The only thing I can add, is if you buy something else, especially from the US where warranty and service is not a top priority like it is with CannaPlates, then you might just regret it. CanaPlates is all Canadian and that says a lot as well.

Please take my advice and deal with CannaPlates. By all means do your due diligence, I did, and you will find when it comes to "bang for the buck" Cannaplates is the only way to go.
Happy pressing. Cheers!
July, 2019
Jim , Alberta
Hands down the best Cannabis product I have purchased in 24 years. Easy to use, set up and safe. Processed over 10 kg to date without any issues , plates still look and operate like brand new.

June, 2019
Matthew, Ontario

If you are seeking the best quality plates and customer service, look no further! We were fortunate enough to have found James and CannaPlates on Reddit, and the first thing James said when we called was “you are so lucky you found me.” He was NOT wrong. James is one of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding presses and solventless rosin. As medical users who enjoy concentrates, we were eager to find the highest quality plates and control box so our product would be medical grade. CannaPlates delivers on all accounts.

If you don’t know how to set up the press, James will walk you through it. He is very safety-conscious, which was also extremely reassuring. He also was on the phone with us from start to finish for our first squish, guiding us step by step. And the customer service doesn’t end there, if you want to learn a new process, like THC-a extraction, James will walk you through it step by step a full year after you buy his plates. The equipment itself is the highest quality.

James has a lot of experience with high pressure pressing, and it is evident in his product. The plates distribute heat evenly, making for an awesome product. He also designed a smart control box that learns as it goes, which makes it really quick to get to the proper squish temperature of your choosing. His bags VERY rarely blow out (maybe 1% of the time, and likely due to user error in our case), so we will ALWAYS order our bags from him.

If you are seeking the highest quality plates and control box combined with ongoing amazing customer service and quality squish supplies, then (like us) you are so lucky you found CannaPlates. Thanks again for everything James!!!

My friend George is now saving up to buy plates off you as he got some dab tools and bags off you and was BLOWN AWAY by your customer service. He also loves our setup, and he kicks himself for spending not much less in the long run on plates that are frustrating and break. Anyhow, you have yourself a wonderful 4/20 and excellent Easter and/or Passover if you celebrate either, and I hope all is well in your world.

Take care,
May, 2019
Jodi and Jerry, Newfoundland

“The level of service and quality of the equipment from CannaPlates truly comes second to none! James takes pride in his company and will do everything in his power to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your investment. He’s eager to share his knowledge from the very start, IE: setting up your press to advanced level extraction methods.

When deciding on a plate supplier, I wouldn’t hum and haw about a few extra dollars (compared to cheaply manufactured overseas imports with non-existent customer service). The customer service and superior quality products are worth their weight in gold. The added bonus is CannaPlates is a 100% Canadian owned company!

Thanks very much for everything James. After spending a month in Thailand, I’m happy to get back pressing!"
April, 2019
Dylan, Ontario
"First we would like to say that James is AWESOME! He is ALWAYS there to help and give great advice. His attention to detail is amazing! Now for the plates we got, they have surpassed our expectations! After trying many other ones, we have to say that CannaPlates are the BEST! We also love the fact that it's Canadian made as well. Give em a try and you won't be disappointed!"
March, 2019
Rick & Rox, Ontario
"If you are considering buying a set of rosin plates look no further. CannaPlates are made in Canada, so the quality will be much better then something from eBay or Amazon. It's not just the quality of plates you will receive. James, the owner, actually cares about you, the customer.

He will give you step by step instructions with setting up your plates and also your first press. If you have any questions, he will happily chat with you over the phone or email and he knows what's up, we were pressing golden budder rosin the first weekend thanks to this guy!

He has spent lots of time and $$ experimenting, so that you don't have to and he is willing to share his knowledge. 100% satisfied with the purchase and would recommend CannaPlates to anyone thinking about setting themselves up. Thanks James! Happy pressing! "
February, 2019
Ryan, Ontario
"Hey James, just figured I'd hand out a testimonial for you, considering how much information I've learned from your blogs, instructions, guidance and knowledge. You honestly helped me turn my life around brother!

After almost about 8 months of pressing rosin with Cannaplates, I've found my quality of life has increased so much. As a medical patient, I was putting my lungs thru the wringer for years trying to find an appropriate solution for dosing, bouncing between extracts, vaping and burning.

Nothing was working for me longer than a few weeks, I constantly found my chest tight and myself short of breath. Then I stumbled across the FlavorTown discord in my search for a solution that worked and the next thing I know James helpfully explained to me the benefits rosin, that I could make it at home with ease, tact and patience.

2 weeks later after a little bit of chatting with James and a few of his other happy customers and I was sold, the next day I bought my plates. Three days later my surprisingly heavy, yet small box came and I had a pair of beautiful blue Cannaplates shining bright. After following the super easy instructions on this site and I was on the phone with with James as he walked me through my first press and it's been nothing but smooth hits with enough rosin left in the bags to cook up some edibles.

Not only does James carry an amazing product but some of the best customer service, paired with a vast wealth of knowledge and information. Making the decision to buy these plates easily turned my life around, making dosing my medicine easy, gave me the ability to go back to work and I honestly don't have anyone to thank other than James.

This testimonial is a small way of me showing my appreciation!"
January, 2019
Anthony, Alberta/Now BC
Terpythetiger (on Discord)
"Cannabis is a large part of my life as both a medicinal and recreational tool, but the use of solvents is not something that I would like my cannabis to be subjected to. When I heard about the method of making rosin with the heated plates and shop press. I was intrigued since I had been making ice hash for about a decade, but the need for fresh material, the return amount, and the labor involved in the process had me wanting to try something new.

I did a bit of research and wanted to stay with a Canadian company and after my first talk with James, I knew that I had made the right decision.

He even offered to call a metal shop in my town to prevent me from getting ripped off! That is some bloody good service right there. The help with the build of the Cannaplate kit and my first press had me making some great tasting and powerful rosin. Anyone who has tried the rosin has been really impressed and I have no problem in letting them know about Cannaplates."
October, 2018
Riz, Ontario
"Love my CannaPlates! Combined with my new grow tent and I'm all set for legalization.

The only trouble I was having was with the pre-press. The cannabis I am using is very resinous and when I prepressed the flower under 1 ton of pressure the press was very hard to open because of the resin gluing the press shut. As a simple trick, I cut out two pieces of parchment to fit exactly into the prepress. One goes under the flower at the bottom, then the flower, then another parchment liner (on top). Voila ! no more wrestling the prepress to open it.

I've made lots of rosin with my CannaPlates and they work great, simple reliable and low maintenance -just a quick wipe while they are hot!"
September, 2018
Bob, British Columbia
"Cannaplates.ca gets 5 out 5 Stars from me. Amazing product and amazing service!

We went to buy these plates at his shop and he went through some things and really took a lot of time to explain the 100 questions we had for him. He was a pro from the start and clearly knows what he was talking about and it was a great purchase. We use the plates on a regular basis, for good amounts of rosin.

There has not been a time, where I called him to ask a few questions and he always took the time to make sure you understood. I can't imagine buying these anywhere else and get that kind of service and help. He was in Calgary and a couple days earlier I had called him about a few things and knowing we were pressing that night, he actually came over to come and see how we were doing. That was pretty awesome."
August, 2018
Dan, Alberta
"Having seen multiple inferior prepress and press plates from friends, Cannaplates quality stands out from a crowd. Superior craftsmanship on a product and at a price you can't complain about!

Proper sized pre-pressed makes the main press easy with Cannaplates, giving the best performance possible..

These plates get used A LOT and have tested the ages of time. Great work Cannaplates, and I continue to enjoy using your products, excited to see what's next."
July, 2018
Alberto, British Columbia
"I love my Cannaplates, almost as much as I love the rosin they produce. Getting plates from Cannaplates was the best decision I've made.

The support started before the purchase and is still continuing to this day, through constant tips, tricks and small tweaks to improve each press. The plates are very easy to install, and use.

The most difficult aspect of the plates is deciding what to press first!"
June, 2018
Michael, Ontario
"I couldn't be happier about my purchase! As a patient that requires the strength of concentrates to adequately medicate; being able to squish my preferred flowers into fresh, solvent free dabs has become absolutely essential to my daily quality of life. 

Cannaplates are a game changer - an incredible product and amazing customer service that is second to none.

James will make sure you get the plates, the guidance (and the dinos) you need to get the best extraction possible from your materials and create some of the tastiest, smoothest concentrates around!"
May, 2018
Corey, Saskatchewan
"We couldn't be happier. 

Never mind how great these plates are, the Customer Service is or has to be the best in this business. With 2 calls I was making AAAA Flower Rosin Budder/Crumble. It is so much stronger and tastes better than any shatter I've tried or carried in my store. The best way I can describe it is Live Resin Crumble.

It is not the % of THC but IMO the terpenes that make this difference. Vaping shatter, Indica, Sativa or Hybrid I would never know the difference. But with Rosin, every strain I've done so far all have different medical properties which help me much better with day and night depending on the strain and it is solvent-less. So much better for your health.

Thanks So Much, Canna Plates. I haven't slept or felt this well In a long time. My BHO days are over!"
April, 2018
Sean, Ontario
"I was interested in rosin to make the transition from solvent based concentrates. CannaPlates helped me understand the process and eased any anxiety I felt before I even made a purchase. 

With great Customer Service and full support, you can be confident in purchasing a set of CannaPlates. I've been a return customer for supplies and I will be back to upgrade to the new caged plate option!

I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase CannaPlates and start pressing!"
March, 2018
Trevor, Ontario
"After researching multiple rosin presses, my friend and I found James at CannaPlates. I immediately phoned him up and was given the best, too good to be true service you could ask for. James said if we picked them up in person, we could squeeze a batch and learn face to face with him on how to use the product to its full potential. So we took him up on his offer and drove out. Well, well worth the trip. 

After getting home and set up, we had more questions of course, so I phoned up James and we had him on speaker phone for our first couple of presses. Everything went beyond smooth. Plates worked absolutely amazing!

Nothing but good to say about James and his CannaPlates!"
February, 2018
Steve and Wes, Alberta
"As a medical patient I found flowers where not giving me the relief I needed. After consuming BHO extracts for a while, I wasn’t getting the full relief I was used too. I was also concerned about residual solvents and other contaminants in BHO as well. After buying CannaPlates and medicating with rosin, I feel I’m getting the full spectrum effects and relief I need. James has shared his wealth of knowledge about how to press and it has been essential in me making good rosin.

The relief I get from rosin is making my quality of life much better. CannaPlates delivers not only a quality set of plates, but also a level of customer service and knowledge that you don’t get anywhere anymore.
Thanks James for making this the best cannabis related purchase I’ve ever had. You care and it shows."
January, 2018
Kyle, Saskatchewan
"James, I have gotten a quality of life back I didn't think I'd get...zero opiates and almost no antipsychotic meds anymore, since I have become able to press my own very good quality rosin. That's huge man, it's all I use. It's all that works for me to be very honest...you're just not selling plates, James. You gave me a quality of life again, to use with my family. 

It's been a long hard 4 years of debilitating pain until I found you and CannaPlates. These past few months especially, I've almost been pain free!!! Miracles do happen, thank you so much James!"
October, 2017
Jason, Alberta
Note: Jason is a vet and will have been using his CannaPlates, to get his solvent free extracts a year in March, 2018.
"Dear James, 
You especially, alongside all the special individuals on FlavourTown, have changed my life entirely! As a small thank you for your welcoming kindness and advise, here is a little gift for your continuing hard work. (He sent me a gift, my 1st one!!)

Your plates and customer service is - bar none - the best ever! I packed some candy from Japan as well as the other gift. Once again, Thank You!"
September, 2017
Joe, Ontario
"After months observing new CannaPlates customers setup their new plates under the careful guidance of CannaPlates company owner James, I had to take the plunge. Whether it’s setting up a newly purchased shop press (from other vendors), or precise instruction on strain-dependant nuances when pressing, James was there and always available for clear concise directions or even just a friendly chat. 

His wealth of knowledge and amazing customer service really add to the value when purchasing this set. I’ve had my plates for about 2 months now and am overwhelmed by the quality and flavor of the extracts I can now make safely AND solvent free, in my own home."
August, 2017
Jamie, Nova Scotia
"Decided to make the purchase of platens from CannaPlates and glad I did so! From assembly to the first press, everything was simplified to a complete package, sans the press. Yielded results of 20%+ with quality flowers. Satisfied with the quality, instructions, and the goodies!" 
July, 2017
Adrian, Ontario
"It's a simple product that works great. I've put a couple pounds through it, and it's the one part of the process I never worry about. There's not much else to say about the product in particular, but the fact that you're the man behind it James/CannaPlates, (this adds a lot of value to the whole system), in how available you are to your customers." 
June, 2017
Nathan, Ontario
"CannaPlates was very helpful and friendly on the phone, we talked about a bunch of stuff and he was kind to answer all my questions no matter how basic they seemed. He helped with setting up my press and plates properly, made sure everything was working well and we made a press on the phone together, which went really well. 

He also gave me a bunch of guides and help with settings and how to press the Rosin to achieve the same wonderful results he was getting! I definitely recommend buying from him, you will learn a lot and who knows, you might make a new friend too!"
May, 2017
Red, Quebec
"For the past two years I used a hair straightener and hand clamp, I was making rosin but it wasn't the results I desired. When I mentioned I wanted a set of plates, CannaPlates helped me from start to finish. 

From techniques to get a better end product, to setting up the plates themselves. Everything about this transaction was a breeze. James truly went the extra mile."
April, 2017
Justin, Alberta
"I can’t speak highly enough of my set of custom-engraved CannaPlates, nor the amazing advice and service I received when setting them up and using them. The quality and craftsmanship are unbelievable, and the products I am creating are beyond anything I ever imagined 

Thank you so much CannaPlates for creating such high-quality solvent-less extraction that is both affordable and easy to use."
March, 2017
David (Goobafish - FlavorTown Moderator)
"I didn't know too much about rosin when I decided I had to try it, only that I would probably be doing my health a favour over smoking solvent extracts like BHO. Only two months later and with my CannaPlates heated plates and shop press, I'm enjoying purity that I could have only dreamed of earlier. 

Upon receiving my plates from the postman I could immediately tell that from the weight of the package I had just put my hands on a high quality product. Once inside, I opened up the parcel and found a pair of well wrapped plates, control box, heating elements, thorough instructions, and a few other goodies. My mouth was fairly watering at this point, but I knew it best to be wise so I sat down and read all of the instructions. It wasn't a painful read and it was definitely worth it or I probably would have put the wrong plate on the bottom, or vice versa.

I excitedly assembled everything as the instructions indicated, and got down to business for my first press. Big success! I'll tell you.. there really is nothing quite like the feeling of scraping that first golden pool of rosin off of that parchment paper!

And it only got better going forward, as each new strain I pressed I learned a little bit more about where that perfect temperature is for each. It's really quite fun, I'm starting to feel a bit like a mad scientist :)

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in too then I highly recommend you take a look at the heated rosin plates from CannaPlates!"
February, 2017
Andrew, Ontario
"I've learned a shitload from you guys... and I'm actually very grateful... my wife goes to me the other day, "Are you upset you didn't end up 50/50 partners with this guy from the web?", (meaning co-owning a 5"X 3" Cannaplates Rosin Kit with Goobafish, a mod from FlavorTown Discord). 

I said "Fuck no man, because we'd be fighting over these plates 24/7. They're too good not to own your own." 

(Now both Rolex and Goobafish each own their own 5"x 3" Cannaplates Kit.)
January, 2017
Rolex, Admin of FlavorTown Discord