CannaPlates FAQ

updated April, 2019

If you do not see your question answered here, then please contact us by email or phone If you see a mistake in the FAQ (it can happen as company policy changes) please let me know and you WILL be rewarded.


Question: Will I get after purchase customer service?
Answer: Absolutely you do. Our customer service really is second to none. All you have to do is ask any of our customers. Should you need help, we provide help setting up your shop press, making sure your plates are set up properly and we also will help you do your 1st couple of presses over the phone or in a chat room like Discord if you so desire. All you have to do is ask and we will help. We truly believe in our customers and they believe in us!

Here is our number, please consider it yours to use between the hours of 10am and 8pm MST / 6 days a week, (we take sunday off to have a couple dabs and recharge our battery) should you have a before or after purchase question: 403-866-8556

Question: Is there a warranty?
Answer: Yes there is. You get a FULL 2 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime "normal use"  warranty on the plates! Most only offer 1 year and sometimes only 90 or even 30 days warranty. Can you afford that risk? After the 2 year warranty expires, you can still get parts at cost and we never charge for labor!

Question: Do I have to pay GST'/HST and Provincial Taxes?
Answer: Yes and no! Since we do have a GST number ( GST #794507319RT0001), we have to charge GST and HST. Those provinces with out a "HST" tax will only be charged GST.

Question: Do I have to register to your website to purchase your kits?
Answer: No, but it is recommended. This way we can give you the best possible service and advice on the plates or rosin pressing, should you need that help. Regardless, you can go directly to the store and make your purchase fast and securely with our EMT checkout. (Electronic Money Transfer) or use our PayPal option.

Question: Do you use a secure server when handling orders and do you store any financial info here?
Answer: We use the secure servers provided by Shopify, PayPal or your bank. All transactions are secure.

As far as your financial info is concerned, we never see your financial information and we do not have access to that info. It is stored securely on Shopify servers, PayPal's servers or your bank's server.

Question: Do you use tracking numbers, so that I can find out about my orders status?
Answer: Yes! Absolutely we use tracking numbers, we want to know where your package is too! We ship only with Canada Post

Question: Is shipping free?
Answer: No, We offer a flat rate of $20.00 for orders over $400.00! We have found this 'shared cost' for shipping works the best for both the customer and CannaPlates. This way the burden of shipping is not entirely on one person. We more than make up for this small shipping cost to the customer in other ways.

Question: Do you sell shop presses with this kit?
Answer: No we don't. We do not sell any kind of shop press. Never have. Never will. We sell heated rosin platens.

Question: What are your metal plates made out of?
Answer: CannaPlates are made out of 6061 T6 extruded aluminum bars. We use 6061 T6 aluminum for its high strength and superior heat transfer rates, causing ZERO hotspots.

Question: Are both of the plates heated?
Answer: Yes. They share a dual heat zone (meaning they both have heaters). 6061 T6 aluminum has an excellent heat transfer rate and will allow the plates to typically be within 2C - 3C of each other while pressing. We use a single controller to heat both plates to keep our product affordable. You will not see any loss in yield or quality because of the single controller.

Question: Will the press I currently own work for me or do I have to go buy another press?
Answer: Our plates are designed and proven to withstand up to 20 tons. Our mounting design is pretty much universal. It consists of two set screws from either side, and it will securely grip any ram up to 2 inches in diameter. We HIGHLY suggest that you use at least a 10 ton press. This allows for the proper pressure (PSI) over the surface of our plates. Canadian Tire or Princess Auto are a good place to get a good deal on shop presses. I got my shop press for $200.00 CAD on sale. They both have excellent return policies and good warranties for the presses. Harbour Freight also have presses, but they are USA based.

Question: What is the temperature range on the plates?
Answer: 0C-400C. The controller and plates are capable of MUCH higher temperatures, but there is very little reason to ever exceed 100C (212F). Anything above this temperature will degrade your rosin very quickly. 

Question: Can I make a pneumatic air system with your product?
Answer: Yes! You can use a pneumatic air jack inside the typical H-frame 10 or 12 or 20 ton hydraulic press. This offers you an effortless pneumatic air solution to achieve the proper amount of pressure and maximize the potential of your material. CannaPlates will work on most arbor presses, but the arbor presses are not able to produce the pressure needed for a proper rosin extraction.

Seriously, spend the money and buy a proper press. Arbor presses need you to continuously push down on the handle. It gets tiring. Who wants to do that all the time? Not me!

Question: What do you suggest I do for a press? 
Answer: This is a hard one to answer and may not be to everyone's satisfaction. Everyone has a preference as to model, make and place to shop.

Personally, I recommend the Canadian Tire 10 ton. I don't recommend the Princess Auto 10 as it does not have a  movable ram. When on sale you can get a 10 ton press for about $250.00 CAD. Canadian Tire will honor the sale price for 14 days AFTER the sale! It is a Canada wide policy.

They both offer a 1 year warranty and pretty much replace defective units with no questions asked. If they do ask, just say you were pressing a bearing and it doesn't work properly anymore. BE AWARE at all times of the max pressure allowed!! I would highly suggest you do not max out your press, keep it below max pressure. This will extend the life of your press considerably.

I provide the above links only as a courtesy. Where you decide to purchase your shop press is entirely up to you.

Question: What should I clean my plates with?
Answer: When you first receive your plates, they could have machining oil and other manufacturing 'dirt' on them. We suggest you use warm water and dish soap or Windex (glass cleaner) for the 1st cleaning. Do it 2-3 times (hint) if you want. Once you have done that, give the pressing surfaces a good shot of Isopropyl Alcohol. Rub the alcohol on the plates gently with your fingertip to help spread the alcohol evenly. Wipe dry with a super soft cloth. 100% cotton will do or a micro cloth works as well.

Question: Why does it smell like something is burning the 1st time I turn this machine on?
Answer: While manufacturing and assembling the rosin kit, there are nooks and corners that we just can not get clean and neither can you. Just clean as suggested above and that burning smell you smell, it will only happen once. It is just burning off any residual manufacturing oils or cleaning agents we suggested you use. Nothing to worry about.

Question: Why do the heater cartridges look like they have been used. They are burnt looking.
Answer: Yes, the cartridges have been used, but ONLY to test the controller. We bring the unit up to 2 different operating temperatures to make sure everything is working as advertised. The unit is on for less than 10 minutes, while we adjust the controller settings and check for continuity.

The heaters will look 'burnt' even after only 10 minutes. These are 500 watt heaters. They get HOT. The units are set to a 2 C operating temperature when you 1st receive your kit. This is to prevent accidental start up, when the cartridges are not inserted. See cherry red below..

NEVER turn this machine on when the heaters are not connected to the plates properly. It will only take about 20 seconds for these heaters to turn cherry red, when they are outside of the platens.

Question: How do I make sure the plates are set up correctly? They cost me some hard earned dollars and I want to do this right!
Answer: You can find all you need to know about setting up your plates here!

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