CannaPlates Discount Codes

Updated: March, 2023
Automatic Codes: New plate owners only:  a 5% extra discount will be automatically applied at checkout! This discount works even when items are on sale!! Sorry this code does not work with Ding & Dent Orders.

Manual Codes:


When you click this link, the code will auto apply to your purchase if the item is eligible. Clicking this WILL take you back to the home page, but the discount has or will be auto applied when you select the eligible item(s) and hit the checkout button on the checkout page.

You will not see this discount until you click that checkout button! 

or copy paste at checkout:

10% off all accessories over $50.00. Works even if the item(s) are on sale! Does not apply to 500 and 1000 bag orders. Does not apply to any plate kits. (They have their own deal going on!)

Copy and paste the above code or hit the link above to auto apply the code!