CannaPlates Customer's Pressing Stations

Customers send me pictures of their setups sometimes. Here you will see what others have done to set up their own CannaPlates pressing stations. I love seeing what my customers come up with. some are simple and some are detailed, but they are all worthwhile setups. Well done people!

If you want to see your set up here, then Contact me here!!


This set up comes from the Northwest Territories! Nice and clean and compact! Well done!

A nice clean pressing and dabbing area from Saskatchewan. Oh and this one has a set of blue plates, I do not make that color anymore, so that's kind of a collectors OG plate! I have been in this room before as well ..many dabs were consumed haha.

This customer went to the next level in his approach.. dual rams! I am going to do this myself the next time this press is on sale at Canadian Tire. This setup lives in Ontario.

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