Collection: Jars, Pencils, Dab Mats And Vape Carts

All our Jars, Pencils and Dab Mats are here!

Here you will find:

  • 3ml Shoulderless Extract Jars C/W "TerpSaver" Lids
  • 7ml Shoulderless Extract Jars C/W "TerpSaver" Lids
  • 1oz Oven Proof Jars c/w Black Or Gold Metal Lids
  • 'CANNAPLATES N0.2 HB' Old School 316 SS 6" Dab Pencils
  • CannaPlates Logo Dab Mat.
  • .5 Gram 510 Ceramic Vape Carts c/w White Ceramic Mouthpiece.