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Tips and Tricks

Updated May 6, 2022
Tips and Tricks
  • Put a dab mat under the bottom pressing plate...this is purely a personal choice. I find it helps to keep the heat where it belongs, in the plates. I use 3 mats stacked on top of each other and put the bottom rosin plate on the mats.
  • The plates may under/overshoot the set temperature by a couple of degrees C. This is normal. The plates will balance out to the set temperature within 10 minutes. It takes less time to come up to the set temperature in baby steps, than to blow past it and then have to wait for the plates to cool down.
  • You will notice a small temperature drop while pressing. This is normal. It will compensate for the introduction of a 'cold material' quickly.
  • Do not attach the ram of the press to your CannaPlates until you have reached your set temperature. The seals on high pressure rams are not, as a rule, designed for prolonged heat exposure.
  • Detach the ram from the top CannaPlates after using. I keep the ram inside the hole of the top plate. If you accidently hit the top plate it can go flying off  the press, ripping out the heaters. You only need to raise the ram about 1/4" off the top plate. Making this a habit, will extend your press life considerably AND keep your top plate where it needs to be!
  • Do not overtighten the K type Thermocouple. It just has to be snug. DO NOT overtighten!
  • This is a plug and play setup. It is usable right from the box it was mailed in.
  • Read ALL instructions and make sure to read our PDF Manuals!
  • Buy a 13" long chunk of  12" wide x 3/4" thick flat bar. If they ask, it's "hot rolled". You use this as a main table for your shop press. This is not required, but it is highly recommended! Do not pay more than around $45-$65 CAD. Most large cities have a Metal Supermarkets nearby. They are your best bet for this item. Here is a store locator for you: Metal Supermarkets Store FInder
  • DO NOT use WAX PAPER to press your Rosin.
  • Use only a high quality Parchment Paper  like the one we offer here or similar rosin pressing paper. I recommend the CannaPlates parchment paper!
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