3ml or (NEW!) 6 ml  or (NEW!) 1 oz Straight Wall Glass Jars

3ml or (NEW!) 6 ml or (NEW!) 1 oz Straight Wall Glass Jars

3ml or 6ml or 1 oz Straight edge glass jars C/W lids

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3ml Jar c/w Black Lid and Anti-Leak Lift Off Gaskets

These 3ml glass jars have no lip aka "shoulder" which makes for easier access and less potential waste, while the gasket helps keep your extract in the jar and not on the lid! These 3ml jars are perfect for those 1-2 gram amounts of your favorite extract! 


6ml Straight Wall Glass Jars c/w Black Silicone Lid

These 6ml glass concentrate containers come with no neck and are 6 ml in capacity. They're popular because they are constructed of borosilicate glass: the kind of glass that was designed to be directly heated by a torch or lighter.

They were designed to be strong and durable yet light and compact for on the go use. They are a great addition for any dispensary or collective, medical or recreational due to their designed ability to display concentrates in their full glory. and the 6ml jars are perfect for those larger extract counts of up to 3-5 grams

These 6ml glass containers are very popular for the on the go crowd. These jars have a tight fitting snap on/off  silicone lid that provides a leak and smell proof seal, these are the jars you want to have when on the move and at home!


1 oz Oven Proof Jars c/w Air Tight Metal Lid

Our new 1 oz jars are perfect for doing some experiments with your rosin and they are air tight as well.

Crystal clear storage for dry or liquid products.
  • Jars withstand extreme temperatures of 0° to 850°F.
  • Wide mouth for easy pouring and filling.
  • Metal lids for food storage. 
  • Metal Lid max temperature is 210F or 99C
  • FDA compliant.
  • Lids included.

All jars have no "lip or shoulder" where your extracts and concentrates can get trapped! Giving you a generous 3ml, 7ml  or 1 oz of space for your concentrates, these glass jars keep your medicines fresh, while protecting them from dust and other airborne contaminants.

Glass containers are always the best way to hold your concentrates and for long term storage of your concentrates. Silicone may be ok for short term storage, but to REALLY protect your hard earned rosin, you need glass.


  •  3ml  c/w Black Lid and Anti-Leak Lift Off Gaskets. Good for 1+ Grams OR
  • 6ml C/W Black Silicone Lid Good for 3+ Grams OR
  • 1 oz Oven Proof Jar. Good for 1 Fluid Ounce C/W White Metal Lid
  • Materials: Heat Resistant Glass
  • Usage: Concentrate/Extract Storage
  • All Jars are unsterilized.
  • Clean before using!


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