CannaPlates OG Combination Rosin Pressing Kit

CannaPlates OG Combination Rosin Pressing Kit

Anodized plates, A pre-press, 25 rosin bags, 2 dab mats, a dab pencil and a glass jar for your rosin is included! 2 year warranty on the electronics and Lifetime on the plates!

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Save with this complete OG CannaPlates Rosin Kit!
This kit has it all, the pressing plates (black only at this time!!), the digital controller and heaters, dual or single control, PLUS you get the 2" X 4" CannaPlates pre-press, the rosin bags, 2 dab mats, a borosilicate glass pencil dab tool, a timer and a glass jar to store your rosin in. It's a complete package and to top this great deal get a FULL 2 year warranty on the electronics and heaters and LIFETIME warranty on the plates themselves! CannaPlates are digitally controlled and heated 6061 T6 aluminum plates.
The process of anodizing provides a sealed, high performance finish to our 6061 T6 Aluminium, without losing its thermal properties. It protects the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum, chemically stable and offers permanent durability. Anodizing will not chip or peel and has an extremely long life span.
These plates are safe to use with up to 20 tons of pressure (40,000 lbs), with a ram diameter up to 2 inches. CannaPlates will help you take control of your essential cannabis extractions with low temperatures and proper pressure. CannaPlates will reach your desired temperature in under 10 minutes, with ZERO hot spots.
The plates are manufactured here in Alberta and the controller box is assembled in Alberta as well. Made in Canada for Canadians! We only ship in Canada. We do not sell shop presses with this kit. We do not sell shop presses of any kind.

What you get:
  • 1 set of Original (OG) CannaPlates C/W all hardware (Set screws and Allen key.)
  • 1 Controller of your choice, single or dual control c/w 500 watt heaters.
  • 1 CannaPlates PrePress
  • 25 - 90u CannaPlates CenterLine™ Rosin Flower Bags
  • 2 CannaPlates Dab Mats. Use 1 under the plates!
  • 1 Glass jar to store your rosin in!
  • 2 year warranty on the electronics
  • Lifetime warranty on the plates
  • Business cards and stickers.
  • Candy and dinos,
  • Lifetime Customer Support... real support. We will help you with everything, from deciding to what shop press to get, right on down to how to fold your parchment paper to get the best use out of it.
  • All mine and everyone else's rosin knowledge in CannaPlates SquishTown Discord Chat. Its a sharing community and with over 200 CannaPlates owners/users, its a rosin pressing heaven!
Inkbird ITC 100VH
Temperature Range: 0-400 CELSIUS (way more than you need or should ever use)
Power: 500W per heater, per platen.
Voltage: 110V/About 5 Amp draw.
Platen Size: 3" x 5" / 7.6 cm x 12.7 cm

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