CannaPlates Parchment Paper

CannaPlates Parchment Paper

This parchment paper is perfect for rosin pressing and fits both our OG plates and our CannaCaged width perfectly!

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In Stock - Buy a double roll and save even more! We can custom cut the roll to any length you need. 15" is the maximum length!! We do not cut sheets.
We pre-cut our parchment rolls for you!! CannaPlates parchment rolls are a perfect width for our 5 x 3 plates and they fit perfectly between the springs of our cages! It is extremely easy to tear off the correct length without using scissors!
This paper is strong and is an all around excellent rosin pressing paper! Buy a double roll and save even more!
Details for 5x3 OG plate and 5x3 OG CannaCaged Cut To Size Parchment Paper:
  • 1 roll x 7.5" W x 164' L (19 CM x 25 M) - Good for 164 presses+/- @ 12" lengths! 102.5 Sq. Ft!
  • 2 Rolls - 7.5" W x 164' L (19 CM x 25 M) Good for 328 presses+/- @ 12" lengths! 205 Sq. Ft!
Details for 10x3 CannaCaged XL Cut To Size Parchment Paper: 
  • 1 roll x 12" W x 164' = 164 SQ FT Per roll = 164 Presses +/- @ 12" lengths!
  • 2 rolls x 12" W x 164' = 328 SQ FT Per roll = 328 Presses +/- @ 12" lengths!
  • The unique properties of the 10x3 CannaCaged and the way the paper has to be folded, we provide an extra 2" of paper so you can fold the sides in and still get maximum coverage of your paper on the 10x3 cage!
    Additional Details
    • A genuine vegetable based silicone parchment paper.
    • Will not contaminate or alter your rosin.
    • Extra large roll!
    • Excellent all around parchment paper.
    • Kosher Certified.
    • This parchment paper is FSC Certified.
    • Good to 450F or 232C.

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